What’s this About?

My name is Tobias.  I am an entrepreneur and small business owner by day, and an ADHD cursed gamer at night.

I’ve loved Battletech my whole life, though relatively speaking, I haven’t played a whole lot of it.  Sure, I ran through Mechwarrior 4 a half-dozen times, won a trophy at a local tournament many years ago, and on occasion tried to get some friends to play, usually without success.

However, it’s 2012 and the age of the Internet.  One way or another, I will get a campaign off the ground, either IRL or through MegaMek and this blog.

None of this new fancy-fangled Clan-tech, well, at least until we get there.  I picture a multi-generational campaign spanning 300 years.  In the beginning, though, those are bleak, dark years living on the edge of known space.  Never enough money to pay all the bills.  Mechs in disrepair, wondering if you should hire another technician or roll the dice and pray a veteran mechwarrior with a shiny new machine answers your very expensive recruiting call.

This campaign isn’t just about rolling the dice, though there will be plenty of that.  It’s about building a story defined by the players.  I’ve provided a starting point, I hope you’ll provide the rest.

I can already feel Arthur Lendon in my bones, his inner voice whispering, I will bring the harvest.


4 Responses to “What’s this About?”

  1. Brian says:

    Hey, I’m new to nashville and looking for people to play Battletech with. What’s going on with u guys, did u ever get your campaign started?

    • tbiaslorin says:

      Heya, sorry about the 8 year late reply. I never checked the blog again after the game fell apart! I opened a game store in Lewisburg, TN and we Battletech regularly if you’d like to come play!=)

  2. MekMaster says:

    Hey Tobias,

    It sounds like you are an avid BT and Megamek player.

    Do you still have any kind of game going?


    • tbiaslorin says:

      Wow, I never realized anyone would find their way here, sorry for the 5 year late reply!=) I ended up opening a game store in Lewisburg, TN, and we Battletech quite regularly! If you’re in the vicinity you should come play!=)

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