Battletech has such a huge amount of books in print it is hard to find anything you may be looking for.  These are resources to help.

Battletech Factory – Great site I just found (8/3/2012).  It’s Hungarian, but has most of it translated to English.  It looks like it has a couple of games based on Battletech.  One will simulate fights automatically; the other looks like a CCG with card stats based on specific mechs.  No time to play around with it right now, but I certainly will at some point.  Also has the easiest Print Mechsheet  function I’ve found of any site.  Simply choose the weight, it will show all the mechs/vehicles in that class, then pick the unit, hit print and you’re done.

Master Unit List – Looking for a new mech to add to your lance?  You can search by BV or year (currently: 2790) to find what is available.

MegaMek – For playing online battles and scenarios.  Of all the software, get this running first.  It’s a little fiddly; when you first download it you may not notice that it is zipped.  Right click and hit ‘extract’ somewhere, and then try to run it.  Also requires a Java-Runtime Environment if that doesn’t work, links on the website to get it.

MegaMekLab – If you modify your Mech during a game or repair/refit session, make the changes here and send me the file.  Easy way to recalculate your BV as well to keep up with any changes.  It’s a pretty basic program and isn’t pretty, but does the job.

MekWars – An online campaign using MegaMek.  May use a different version of MegaMek; for our online games, we all need to be using the same version.

Official Battletech Site – Good forums, good info.

Sarna – As far as I can tell, the largest, most complete Battletech site on the ‘Net.  If you want to know essentially anything about Battletech, it’s here somewhere.  Especially good for ‘fluff’ if you want to know more about the story side of the Battletech universe.

Solaris7 – Excellent Community site.  Links to mech design software, random mech rollers, forums, and other useful info.  They also run a MegaMek campaign.


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